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Art, murder, disappearances, science and history all in one tour.

  • Plaza Catalunya #2

Sobre el Tour

-TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE IN ENGLISH- now the Best Raval tour in town! Some people say that the neighborhood of the Raval is the neighborhood of the prostitution, the drugs and the poverty. This is so reductive. So much so that it is an insult to the Raval and its inhabitants. The Raval is first and foremost a "barrio obrero", a blue collar neighborhood. It is the district where the industrial revolution started in Spain in 1832, where people demanded justice, respect and fought for it. It is the district of the work day of eight hours and no more fifteen, of the strikes and the riots,of the solidarity between the people. The Raval is the birthplace of the anarchism and the syndicalism in the country. Did you know that Barcelona had been ruled by the anarchists at some point at the start of the civil war for ten months ? Did you know that our wonderful city had two nicknames, the "Rose of fire" and the "City of the bombs" ? Join us to discover the alternative side of the city, not the pretty, the glamorous but where normal people live and keep on resisting nowadays. Feel the essence, the soul of Barcelona. We are gonna talk about the Raval today, the most diverse and multicultural neighborhood of the city, 66% of its population was not born in Spain. It is also one of the hotspot of the street art in town and its street sometimes look like an open air museum. This won't be your usual walking tour. We are gonna show you the good,the bad and the ugly. An heritage the city can be proud of, humble people demanding justice and refusing to take no for an answer. The Raval is also the home of the oldest Bar in town that has been open for 221 years, a wonderful market "la Boqueria" and many very amazing architectural treasures that you will surely be happy to have discovered. We are waiting for you and the Raval is too! See you soon ! In this tour you'll see: - Anarchist movement in Barcelona - MACBA - Plaza Real - Palau Güell - Street Art - Botero's Fat Cat - Absinth Bars - Vampire of el Raval - Keith Harring´s mural - Medieval Hospital of the Saint Cross - And much more! **IMPORTANT** °Book now! This is a very popular tour and we have limited places! °Look for the PINK Umbrella! °The our will be with radioguides. Renting is 1€ per person. °If you're a group of more than 6 persons, even in different bookings you will need to pay the guide a minimum of 10€ per person before the tour starts.

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